Grief, Loss and Divorce Counselling

Are you experiencing a loss or illness?
Do you feel like the sadness will never go away?

Grief is what we experience after a significant loss or calamity. This may include the death of a loved one or a pet, termination of a job, end of a relationship or a life- changing diagnosis. Grief and loss can be overwhelming and confusing. There are often overpowering feelings of sadness, fear, guilt, and anger. Grieving is an important and healing process that helps us deal with our emotions and face the reality of a life without what we have lost. Grief and loss are normal life experiences that everyone encounters at various times in their life.
Some individuals are able to navigate through the grieving process with relative ease. However, others may need support and guidance to navigate through the stages of grieving. Grief counseling provides a safe environment in which to express emotions and work through the grieving process.

Grief Counseling and Therapy

Talking about the loss of a loved one, looking back on memories, and imaging life without them can be very difficult. Speaking with a professional can help you manage the grieving process in a safe and compassionate environment.  Cheryl is a grief counselor and psychologist, and she has helped many individuals through the grieving process. She will meet you where you are and support you through this difficult time.
She understands the stages of grief and can work with you to help you deal with the reality of the loss, work through the emotional pain of grief, and assist you with moving forward while still acknowledging your significant loss.

How I can help

The best place to start is by contacting me to discuss grief counselling, answer any questions about the process, and schedule and confidential appointment with me. Simply follow these steps:

Text today at 250-307-0679 or e-mail me for a free consultation you can book directly through email with Cheryl
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Cheryl offers both in-person and teletherapy for residents of Alberta and BC. Her private practice is located at 4415 – 29th Street, Vernon BC.