Starting Therapy


I (Cheryl) want to make the process of starting therapy as comfortable and easy as possible. If you have any questions before you make your initial appointment, please contact me. You can speak with me for up to 30 minutes before you schedule an appointment at no cost.

What can I expect from our initial session?

During your initial session, I will ask you some questions about the issues you have been facing. This will provide me with a better understanding of how I may help you. Also, I can answer any questions you have on the therapy process. This session is a good opportunity to gauge how comfortable you feel with me and to identify initial treatment goals.

How do I know if counseling will help me?

Counseling (also referred to as therapy) can help children and adults who are struggling with a specific issue, such as a mental health disorder, health problem, emotional difficulties, or other conflicts. Counseling can provide effective techniques and strategies for dealing with problems. Also, the therapeutic process often promotes insight to facilitate positive life changes. Psychological therapies have the power to create long-lasting changes in your brain and body. This is all done in a confidential and nonjudgmental environment. Research supports the effectiveness of counseling to address a wide range of issues.

What is a Health-oriented Therapist?

A health oriented Therapist will treat traditional mental health issues, such as anxiety, and depression, and often will incorporate therapies to improve both mental and physical well-being. If you engage in therapy with Cheryl, she believes in healing the mind and body relying on evidence-based psychological therapies.

How long and frequent are sessions?

Typically, Cheryl meets with patients weekly for approximately 50-60 minutes. Depending on your needs, sessions may be more or less frequent. The length of treatment depends on many factors, including the nature and severity of your issues. Cheryl will discuss her recommendations with you regarding the frequency and length of treatment to ensure that your treatment goals are being met.

Do you offer teletherapy?

Yes, Cheryl offers confidential and convenient teletherapy for online counseling services. Most counseling services can be provided through an online platform.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and hypnosis are easily conducted with online counseling. Sessions are conducted on Zoom. Additionally, she can electronically share with you any worksheets and documents to facilitate therapy. You may use teletherapy for some sessions and come into the office as well. Most provinces require that a psychologist is licensed in the
state in which the patient resides. Cheryl is able to see patients located in Alberta and BC.

How much will therapy cost?

Cheryl accepts certain insurance plans and self-pay. Please visit the Rates page for payment options.

What are the benefits of paying directly for my sessions?

As a therapist with years of clinical experience and training, Cheryl offers her patients a level of expertise that is commensurate with the fees. Mental health treatment is a financial investment to improve your functioning, relationships, and quality of life. The benefits you receive from therapeutic treatment should endure long after treatment ends. Additionally, private pay sessions allow you the privacy and confidentiality of your treatment. Only when otherwise required by law, the content you share with Cheryl will stay between you both.

Is my treatment confidential?

Provincial laws protect the privacy of what is disclosed during the therapy process. If you use insurance to pay for services, then your progress will be provided to the insurer. This information should be kept confidential; however, some individuals opt to pay out-of-pocket to keep their mental health information private. I can only release confidential information with your permission; however, there are some exceptions, which will be addressed when you start therapy.

Cheryl is here to answer any questions and to help you start the therapy process. Please call at (250) 307-0679, email to or fill out the contact form to get started.