EXA workshop for ANXIETY

For people who experience anxiety, even the simplest activities can become overwhelming and
seemingly impossible. This workshop aims to provide you with tools to increase your
adaptability and resilience. When someone is resilient, we mean that they are capable of
responding to difficulties without breaking or breaking down and without losing a sense of
coherence. Resilient people are flexible and can adjust. Resilience is not only a descriptor, it is
also an activity. With expressive arts activities, such as movement, journaling, music, and visual
art, we will explore our relationship with the world, with others and with our self.

Telling a New Story of Ageing

Using creative activities, movement and imagination, we will explore our own unspoken
narratives about ageing. Influenced by culture and society, the stories we tell ourselv
influence our longevity, our mindset and our health. Using expressive arts techniques such as
journaling, making of memory books, self boxes, life maps and time capsules, we will embark on
a playful exploration of the psychological and physical transitions involved in aging. We will
learn restorative practices that help us to thrive despite circumstances and challenges.